Murphysboro Underdark

Delta Green Update

When last we left our Delta Green Group, they had just uncovered the mystery of the proto-matter. It would seem that a group of alien beings were abducting people and performing strange experiments on them, replacing organs with a substance Delta Green calls, “proto-matter.” To complicate things the aliens seem to have been posing as the cliche “greys” from popular folk-lore. When the team went in a fire bombed the alien station, located in an old barn, they were attacked by several of the strange creatures. Killing two and driving a third off, the team grabbed what evidence they could and destroyed the rest of it. To make matters worse, they were attacked by a secret gov’t group known as MJ12 during all this. They managed to destroy the chopper the group rode in on and take out all the agents aboard.

The Team is now in Delta Green limbo, as DG fears that they have been made by MJ12. The characters have been transfered out of their respective cover duties (FBI, CIA, ect.) and await being reactivated.



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